Yukarı Çık

Study Medicine in Turkey

Our faculties boast a strong academic staff. Our mission is to ensure young people from around the world who choose to study medicine at our establishments are nurtured to become universal physicians who are sensitive to the needs of the society they live in and the world, who fully comprehend the importance of knowledge and academic thought, who are curious and inquisitive, with an excellent command of technology. We strive to ensure our students understand that patients are our priority, who are humanitarian, who have excellent communication skills and who respect their fellow medical professional co-workers and who have embraced the importance of ethical values and team work.

Our partner universities invest in science and encourages its students to carry out research and publish research papers. We emphasize the importance of training in society in addition to internships and we aim to train universal physicians who strive for great achievements in all fields of medicine on a national and international scale. We are proud of the superior levels of competence and awareness displayed by our graduates in specialist programs in the field of primary healthcare.

Our mission is to provide medical education adhering to globally recognized standards, by means of our internationally accredited program. Our equally important aim is to train professional physicians and scientists who are analytical, dedicated, ethical, socially and environmentally aware and equipped to give the best possible healthcare.They should also be able to establish an innovative and enterprising globally accepted scientific research environment, make contributions in the field of human health and science, using products and employing methods developed through the basic sciences and by clinical research. Finally, our medical graduates should be able to provide state-of-the art, patient-oriented healthcare, scientifically proven and complying with ethical standards. .