Yukarı Çık


Medical Education in Turkey (MET), offering you the highest quality medical training with our meticulously chosen trainers is a company that organization.

Medical Education in Turkey has established in 2017 and has long believed that major hospital groups investing in university talent is beneficial to the healthcare industry and key to continuous growth and success in medicine. MET offers tailor-made training programs customized according to the specific needs of medical professionals, institutions and corporations. These courses can last between 2 days up to 6 months .

MET also provides a range of options fort he medical university student , when they want to attend a trainee programme. Many international students are coming to Turkish hospitals for their trainee programmes. Generally these students stay for one month fort he trainee programme.

MET also provides a network of medical faculties that international students can make their graduate programmes. Generally medical faculties last 6 years .

When any student, nurse or doctor comes to Turkey for any courses or programmes , then they need logistic services too. MET also can arrange the accommodation, transfer and any other logistic service that they need .